10 Thermidor

by shinobu

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Retched from a wretched dream and it was morning, without warning. All my friends have tasted success they stole a piece from out of the vulture's nest, but I'm still so hungry. What do you do when you feel you have to be true to the way you see, but no one seems to agree? Does it make you crazy? fucked dumb? blind? or on the wrong side of history? just another boring mystery the asks: "Why do they even bother to try? there's money to be made in phones and dancebeats and advertisements." So we live our lives under commercial skies, where everything looks free but there's always a price that you pay and you pay and you pay and you pay and you pay. But does it ever pay to be true? To be true? Well I don't want to be true. Please don't let this be true.
Same dream again. The one where I can taste the blood in my throat, and as it lurches toward the end, you drop the saw and you walk away from the mess we made, as I gasp for breath in the colonnades. They say that it's a blank slate. But only because everything's grey. You can try to awake, but when you open your eyes it won't go away. When you open your eyes it won't go away, it's the mess we made, as you lie in wait in the colonnades. We were making it black and white out of the grey.
The Void 06:33
I almost didn't hear the phone, even though it was in my hand, it sounded just like someone else's dream. I was sitting there just trying to think about death, but I couldn't think of anything. And Jon said, "Come meet me at the Void, because they're closing down for good, and they're giving out drinks for free." So I tried to stand and then I really did stand, I got my coat, got my wallet and my things, and I set out for the Void. Well, the parking was a mess but my car wouldn't start so it was all the same to me. and I had just about finally cornered death when the guy was checking out my ID. And inside people talked round and round about politics and art and coupons that you can get for free. But they only give them out so that you'll spend more. And then this guy started talking to me. He said: "If I could make you believe that I believed in something would you believe in me? Because I don't like money and I lost my faith and I couldn't get into the Dead C and it's so easy to ignore someone who doesn't have a cause, because the cause is all we're dying to see, the cause distracts you from the Void that's there in every moment and in every thing."
I don't think that it's just with me. No, I don't think that it's just with me. It's an ugly word and I'm an ugly person --not above reproach, we're all unformed and uncertain, and it's an ugly world but it's not just with me. They're gonna tell you if you buy in everything will be fine. It's a lie. It's a lie. It's a lie. It's a lie. It's a lie.
I came up out of the Violence House with blood and piss streaming down my legs with fists clenched white on the inside, jeans rust stained, taut, and clinging tight. And in the dazzling sun of the afternoon, I emerged to a verdant field, green and strewn with the broken parts of a dream I had, of a car that could take me away, away, away. Well, the years go by and I feel all right. I can work my job sometimes I sleep at night. I can drink and I can dream. But in my dreams I don't want to be dreaming, because I dream dream dream of the Violence House. I dream dream dream of the Violence House.
Jokes 01:19
You friends all think you're incredible when you're making jokes, but the people sure think you're detestable when you're making jokes. There's no way in or out, that's what the world's about. It's about Jokes Jokes Jokes Jokes Jokes Nobody wants to fuck you if you're just making jokes. And if they say they do you know that they're just making jokes. It's all been a long bad dream, and every since we got on the scene, we've been making Jokes Jokes Jokes Jokes Jokes Jokes So don't talk about anything else cause we don't want to know. We just want Jokes Jokes Jokes Jokes Jokes Jokes Jokes
You made a movie but you fucked it up. No one can trust you when you act like us Act like we do You stick your nose up like an asshole now We all ignore you when you think out loud Just like we do You try to kick us out of the bar we own Having no idea you're the one disowned Just like we were Front and center in the picture
9 Thermidor 03:03
This is it it's been coming. These words have etched into my mind so long I don't know who I was, before. And if you have any feeling you'll let that feeling take you up and out. We're going up and out now. So set the stage and set the lights set the timer now, we've gotta break free somehow. And if you stand right where I'm standing you can hear the future coming down. It makes this terrifying sound. Today, today, today I feel the warmth I feel the moves I fee alive. These are haunted times. When I see you next it will be on the other side and we'll have passed through the licking flames oh, twisted and rearranged. So set the stage and set the lights set the timer now, we've gotta break free somehow. And if you stand right where I'm standing you can hear the future coming down. It makes this terrifying sound. I heard the crack to my jaw, forehead kissed the slab never felt my body hit the ground. And if you stand right where I'm standing you can hear the future coming down. It makes this terrifying sound.
You can throw on the night mirror if the lights from the past won't let you be. They get closer now. They get closer all the time. I just wish there was some other choice between giving in and heading back to the Void. I can't stop it now. I can't stop it this time. I think they got us this time. I think they got us this time.
Hell Screens 04:15
A life of waiting a life of being passed by Everyone's a critic with a patch covering their critical eye. We took the parachute jump from dreams, and never arrived. From my bed the world the world looks sweet enough to breath. But when you stand you can't stand a single fucking thing that you see. We took that parachute jump and never made it out of the dream. All we see are different layers of the dream, and all throughout the night we're tossing in our sleep. One eye sees the world while the other one's stuck in dreams, and it's all the superimposition of hell screens. Open up your eyes Open up your eyes It's ocular.
10 Thermidor 06:18
The day broke right down the center. Think I got enough strength left in me to see the dream die. Try not to rake your teeth when you wrap your mouth around this Phoenician lie: that all the good people, they're really good inside. These are the haunted times. I feel the warmth. I feel alive. And I can hear a new age coming down the line but it sounds the same. Set up the scaffold because there's no love on 10 Thermidor


LP / Cassette Available from Lauren Records and Really Records.




released January 2, 2015

Shinobu is
Bob Vielma - bass, vox
Jon Fu - drums
Matt Keegan - guitar, vox trombone, keys
Mike Huguenor - vox, guitar, keys

Featured Vocalists:
Rosalie Rivera - Culture, Inc.
Jeff Rosenstock - Jokes
Angelina Banda - 9 Thermidor

Vibraphone on The Void: Skylar Suorez

Backing vocals: Angelina Banda, Anjelica Crescini, Lanah Maruff, Linh Bui, Max Feshbach, Morgan Herrell, Sim Castro, Witt Wisebram, Yumico Vielma, Bobb Lange, Randy Wittig

Recorded by Bob Vielma at Born Invincible Studio and Mike Park's garage.

Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden.

Thanks to Dan Vo, Eddie Han, and Skylar Suorez for letting us borrow equipment used to record this album.

Thanks to The Wild, The Albert Square, Winter Break, Diners, The Minibosses, The Exquisites, Great Apes, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Bradbury, Bomb the Music Industry, Hawk Jones, Wild Moth, Slime Girls, and Joyce Manor.

Thanks to Aaron Kovacs, Jeff Rosenstock, Hank Richardson, Mike Park, Angelina Banda, and all our families for years of friendship and support.


all rights reserved


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